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Li Cornfeld, Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Communication Studies, McGill University, anticipated 2017
Dissertation: “Stages of Technology: Media and Performance in the Circuits of Production”
Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Sterne

M.A. in Performance Studies, New York University, 2010

B.A. in Drama, Vassar College, 2006


(2016-2017) Dissertation Fellowship, American Association of University Women.
(2016-2017) Wolfe Graduate Fellowship, McGill University.
(2015-2017) Graduate Writer in Residence, Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies.
(2016) Graduate Travel Award, Media@McGill, McGill University.
(2015) Graduate Travel Award, Media@McGill, McGill University.
(2015) Graduate Research Fellowship, Media@McGill, McGill University.
(2014-2015) Graduate Excellence Fellowship, AHCS, McGill University.
(2014)  Graduate Arts Travel Grant, Postdoctoral Studies Office, McGill University.
(2014)  Graduate Travel Grant, Media@McGill, McGill University.
(2013-2014) Graduate Excellence Fellowship, AHCS, McGill University.
(2013) Graduate Travel Grant, Media@McGill, McGill University.
(2012-2013) Beaverbrook Graduate Entrance Scholarship, Media@McGill, McGill University.
(2006) Marilyn Swartz Seven Prize, Vassar College.
(2005)  Burnam Fellowship, Vassar College.


Refereed Journal Articles

(2018) “Babes in Tech Land: Expo Labor as Capitalist Technology’s Erotic Body.” Feminist Media Studies 18:1. (Forthcoming.)
(2017) “Expo Afterlife: Corporate Performance and Capitalist Futurity in the Carousel of Progress.” Women & Performance 27:3. (Forthcoming.)

Articles Under Review

(Co-authored with Jonathan Sterne and Victoria Simon) “To Err is Shakespearean: The Hinman Collator, Twitter, and Video Games.” Revise and resubmit, Shakespeare Quarterly.
(Co-authored with Jonathan Sterne) “Anti-fascism: Unfinished Business in Media Industries Studies.” Under review, Media Industries.

Book Chapters

(2014) “The Sanitation Man: Erasing Evil in Walt Disney.” In A History of Evil in Popular Culture, edited by Sharon Packer and Jody Pennington. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger ABC-Clio, 125-136.
(2012) “How to Do Things With Magic Words: The Scandal of the Spell-Casting Body.” In Hermione Granger Saves the World, edited by Christopher Bell. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 125-141.
(2010) “ADHD: Empowerment in Soft Focus.” In Click: When We Knew We Were Feminists, edited by Courtney Martin and J. Courtney Sullivan. Berkeley, CA: Seal Press, 51-58.

Web Scholarship and Reviews

Additional Publications

The Huffington Post, Offoffonline, The St. Louis Jewish Light, The Rumpus, and Christm.us.


(2017) “Sexy Work: Booth Babes as Media Labor.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies. (Upcoming.)
(2016) “Fuck Your Feelings: Affective Politics, Social Media, and the American Right.” Decoloniality, National Women’s Studies Association.
(2016) “It Works Like Magic: Theatrical Production and the Production Launch.” Spectacular Labor, Performance Studies Focus Group, Association for Theatre in Higher Education.
(2016) “Sexual Spectical: The Erotics of Technology’s Demystification.” Queer Research Colloquium, McGill University.
(2016) “Pedagogies of Promotion: A Workshop in Play.” Signal/Noise, FemTechNet.
(2016) “Magicians of Silicon Valley: Live Performances of Media Technologies.” Magic: Between Embodiment and Ontology, Department of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University.
(2015) “’An Echo From the Past’: Technologies of Memory in the Carousel of Progress.” Vital Memories, Performance Studies Focus Group, Association for Theatre in Higher Education.
(2015) “Expo Labor as Media Production: A Production Studies Approach to Media Labor Research.” Hegemony or Resistance: On the Ambiguous Power of Communication, Interantional Association for Media and Communication Research.
(2014) “From Headlines to Hidelines: Upworthy and the Marketing Logic of Political Discourse.” Social Media Collective, Microsoft Research.
(2014) “A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow: Walt Disney and the Failed Promise of Industrial Futurity.” Feminist Technics, Queer Machines: Inventing Better Futures, Studio XX and Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, McGill University.
(2014) “Marxist Fembots in Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress.” Living Labor: Marxism and Performance Studies, New York University.
(2014) “Fantasies of Labor Between Cinema and Macy’s Santaland.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Seattle, Washington.
(2013) “Is This a Joke: Toward Impasse Comedy.” PSi 19, Stanford University.
(2013) “We are Santa’s Elves: The Labor of Fantasy and the Fantasy of Labor.” PSi 19, Stanford University.
(2012) “Straying from the Path: Risk, Consumption, and Little Red Riding Hood.” Whose Business is Risk?, Studio XX and the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, McGill University.
(2011) “Mourning Becomes Electronic: Thanatological Film and the Memorial Web Video.” Critical Themes in Media Studies, The New School.
(2011) “Moving Image: Militant Mourning from AIDS to SIDS.” PSi 17, Utrecht University.
(2011) “Shooting Heroines: On Dina Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses.” From Portraits to Pinups: Women in Art and Popular Culture, The Brooklyn Museum.


(2012) Stony Brook University, Theatre Arts and Art History
Adjunct Lecturer, THR/ARH 334: Avant-garde Art and Performance, 1900-1945

(2010-2011), Sadie Nash Leadership Project at the New School
Academic Instructor, Fairytales and Feminsim

(2008) Rugao Teacher’s College, Jiangsu, China
Visiting Lecturer, English as a Second Language and English Teaching Methods

Teaching Assistanceships, McGill University 

(2015) ARTH/COMS 354: The Visual Culture of Crime
(2014) COMS 230: Communication and Democracy
(2014) COMS 310: Media and Feminist Studies
(2013) COMS 210: Introduction to Communication Studies
(2013) COMS 310: Media and Feminist Studies