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Hi. I’m Li Cornfeld.

I write about new technology and live performance. I’m a PhD candidate at McGill University in the Communication Studies program. My doctoral dissertation investigates live presentations of media and technology: keynote addresses, product launches, trade shows, and expos. Through this work, I analyze how theatricality shapes public sensibilities of emerging media and technology.

My writing has been published in anthologies from Seal Press, Praeger, and McFarland, and online at Antenna, Flow, Emisferica, The Huffington Post, The St. Louis Jewish Light, Offoffonline, The Rumpus, and Christm.us.

I have presented my work on media and technology at institutions across North America, including Microsoft Research, The Brooklyn Museum, The Banff Centre, Stanford University, and The New School for Social Research.

In addition to media studies and performance studies, my research interests include production studies, feminism, fairytales and folklore, and an other project.